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US trans activist seeks asylum in Sweden due to Trump administration


US transgender activist Danni Askini is seeking asylum in Sweden.

She fled Seattle six months ago, after being subjected to numerous death threats by right wing extremists.

The US State Department is now questioning Askini's citizenship, with reference to her change in gender that was completed 19 years ago.

”The Trump administration has run me out of my own country”, Askini said.

36 year old transgender activist Danni Askini has been in hiding in Stockholm since mid July last year. Before leaving Seattle she married her long time boyfriend as a legal precaution, hoping it would increase her chances of one day returning to United States.

Following her request for a standard passport renewal in June, Askini was told by the Seattle Passport Agency that she had to provide new proof of her US citizenship.

Neglecting to fully disclose details about the sex change when applying for her original passport ten years ago, the authorities claimed, might be basis for prosecution.

Danni Askini with senator Patty Murry.

”I am certain the US State Department is actively working against me because I am a trans activist. There are plenty of reasons for them to be antagonized by me: I am trans, I am a woman and I am a tough bitch”, Askini said.

Alleged rape by Seattle police officer 

Askini, who is the founder of Seattle based organization Justice Gender League, claims to have recieved elaborate death threats from right wing extremists for several years, targeting both herself, her co workers and her family.

She also describes being raped by a high ranking Seattle police officer in early 2018. Askini has provided Expressen with documentation supporting her seeking medical care the night of the alleged rape.

”Unfortunaley”, Askini said, ”this is not my first rodeo. I have been subjected to rape several times in my life and I know you need to document the proof”.

Her application for assylum is currently being processed by the Swedish Migration Agency.