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"Hopefully they can save up to 10 lives"

It has been five days since the Swedish model Anna-Maria Moström was hit by a bus on Roosevelt Island in New York.

They have 24 hours left until they must say farewell.

Then 29 year old Anna-Maria Moströms life support will be shut down for good.

- I think she knows that we are here and that we are doing the right thing, says her father Ronny Moström to Expressen.

It has been five days since the Swedish model Anna-Maria Moström was hit by a bus on Roosevelt Island in New York.

Earlier during the day she had gone out for a run and then met her friends for coffee. On her way home she was cycling along Roosevelt’s main street. Suddenly the bus in front of her makes a left turn and the two collide. One second later everything has changed.

At home her boyfriend Michael Benneville starts to get worried. He sends her multiple texts, but gets no answer. After a while he calls her and instead of Anna-Maria answering, the police answer the phone.

Need a miracle

At that point she was already on the operating table.

- The doctors were very honest from the start, they explained that they would need a miracle, but that they were doing their best, he says to Expressen.

Five days later, we are sitting in the waiting room in the ICU at New Yorks Presbytarian Hospital. It is the family themselves that have invited us to meet them there. It has been five days since the accident. The sound of the ventilator is faint. A screen shows her blood pressure, brain activity and heart rate. Anna-Maria Moström has a mask over her face and tubes that lead into her body.

Showed gratitude

The wall behind the bed that she lays in is covered with pictures. Pictures that show what she really looks like. Before the accident.

- Anna-Maria was so generous towards people. She taught me to always tip at restaurants and to show gratitude towards all, says her father Ronny Moström.

2005 she became a household name in Sweden when entering the Swedish model contest “Top Model”, but her father tells us that she had many more plans, besides modeling, for herself in New York. But according to doctors and experts, all hope is now lost of a future.

- She shed a tear a minute ago, her mum says quietly and dries her cheek.

Cease to function

Their daughter is brain-dead and without the ventilator, the rest of her body would cease to function immediately. The doctors have tried, but her own breathing was like tiny sighs. Her parents has now met a medical team and decided to donate her organs.

- Hopefully they can save up to 10 lives, Ronny Moström says.

Her friends visit her in her hospital bed, many want to say their goodbyes. The parents have decided that the ventilator will be shut down between 7pm and 10pm later today. Exactly how long time her body will be able to hold on after that is uncertain, it could be a matter of minutes.

- Anna-Maria would have wanted it. If you knew her, then you would know. Many times she has said that she always live life to it´s fullest, because she believed that she may not live as long as everyone else. She has talked like that for a long time; it is something that runs in the family. She knew that something would happen before she turned 30, Ronny Moström says.

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