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ASAP Rocky's victim wants new assault trial


ASAP Rocky’s victim in the assault case wants a new trial – he’s ”not satisfied” with the rapper’s sentence, he tells his attourney.

Stockholm District Court found the artist guilty and the verdict was conditional sentence with no jail time.

It was on June 30th Rakim ”ASAP Rocky” Mayers and his friends got into a fight in central Stockholm, Sweden, beating a 19 year old man. Mayers spent four weeks in custody before being released on the final day of the trial.

Last Wednesday, Stockholm District Court reached a verdict:

ASAP Rocky as well as his two friends were found guilty.

They recieved a conditional sentence with no jail time.

”Not satisfied”

Neither the prosecutor or the defense has decided wether to appeal the verdict – but now the 19 year old assault victim says he wants a new trial. His attourney Magnus Strömberg writes in an e-mail to Expressen:

”He is (...) not satisfied that they weren’t found guilty regarding violence with a smashed bottle. He wants the prosecutor to appeal the verdict and will in that case do so himself as well.”

The 19 year old and Magnus Strömberg have the possibility to appeal the verdict by themselves. If they do, they’d have to pay for the trial in case they lose.