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The Rolling Stones are planning a museum

Mick Jagger left his hotel in Stockholm Monday at 8 pm, when he went out by car.
Jaggers car stopped right outside the Melody Hotel, which is connected to the ABBA museum.
Mick Jagger went into the hotel.
Only an hour later he was escorted out to a waiting car.
The security around Mick Jagger outside the ABBA museum was severe.
Mick Jagger greeted his fans before he went back in to the car.
Mick Jagger continued to a restaurant in Stockholm where he went in alone.
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The Rolling Stones are planning to set up a museum of their own in London.

Mick Jagger checked out the popular ABBA Museum in Stockholm to "get inspiration" for their project.

"That's why he visited our place," says Bjorn Ulvaeus of the legendary Swedish group.

Rock star Mick Jagger made a private visit to one of the top spots of every tourist's itinerary in the Swedish capital: The ABBA Museum, located in the vast Djurgarden park.

Security guards protected the star when he left the landmark Grand Hotel just opposite the Royal Castle through a backdoor on Monday night. From there he was brought to the ABBA site where he got a private tour.

"I heard he was on his way. I suspect something similar will be built for the Stones in London. That's why he wanted to have a look at our place," says Swedish superstar Bjorn Ulvaeus, one of the four members of the long-defunct ABBA group.

"An inspirational visit"

Ing-Marie Halling is a curator at the ABBA Museum. She confirms the Stones museum plans.

"It was an inspirational visit. He said they have saved lots of clothes to exhibit. He was very cute and asked a thousand questions," she said.

Mick Jagger took many pictures with his smartphone during the one-hour-long visit. He also took the opportunity to appear as one of the ABBA stars. Like any tourist he went on stage where you can "perform" together with ABBA in a hologram projection.

"He was very curious and asked practical questions," says Ing-Marie Halling.

The Rolling Stones will perform at the Stockholm Tele 2 Arena on Tuesday night.

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