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”I was shocked and scared”: ASAP Rocky testifies in assault trial in Sweden

Diskussionen om youtubeklippet inledde andra rättegångsdagen
Rapper ASAP Rocky will testify in court during the second day of his assault trial.

ASAP Rocky has revealed he felt ”shocked and scared” when two men began harrassing him and his friends in Stockholm, Sweden, at the end of June.

The 30-year-old US rapper is on trial charged with assault, and admits to kicking and punching a 19-year-old man, but claims it was self-defence. 

– He seemed to be completely without fear, ASAP Rocky, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, told Stockholm District Court today. 

US rapper ASAP Rocky has spoken of his shock when the 19-year-old man accusing him of assault attacked his security guard in the Swedish capital.

– I was pretty scared, he told a packed Stockholm District Court today.

Today, the 30-year-old, who is accused of assaulting a 19-year-old Afghan man in Stockholm on the 30th of June, gave evidence in court.

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In the moments leading up to the fight, ASAP Rocky told the court, the 19-year-old plaintiff attacked his security guard.

– He seemed to be completely without fear, ASAP Rocky says, describing how the 19-year-old and his security guard are of ”extremely different” physical proportions.

”We begged them not to follow us”

– We just wanted to get away from these guys, ASAP Rocky says.

– Me and my crew started to tell them ”listen, go the other way. We don’t want no problems”. He was persistent, he kept coming after us, and kept going ”come on, come on”.

– We attempted to walk away and when we walked away we were followed. We begged them not to follow us.

Previously unseen footage from the alleged assault.

ASAP Rocky describes how the two men came back once more and assaulted his security guard.

He tells the court he saw bottles on the ground and picked them up to prevent the two men following them from getting their hands on them, later realising it was ”stupid” to be carrying them and so put them down.

– At this moment, both of the guys attacked [the security guard] that's when I stepped in and I threw him on the ground and kicked his arm. I punched him or shoved him.

”You could see he was on drugs”

ASAP Rocky describes how his security guard removed him from the fight and they walked back to his hotel, where he began pondering what had happened.

– Do I want to press charges, do I want that kind of attention on myself? I didn't really think it was worth it, I thought i was just gonna leave it behind me, he tells the court.

The rapper is asked why he has claimed that the plaintiff seemed affected by drugs.

– I assumed it because he came up to strangers and asking questions that he knew that we couldnt answer and I could see in his eyes, he looked weird and you could see he was on drugs, he replies.

Hear ASAP Rocky's own words from inside court.

ASAP Rocky may spend another weekend in jail

ASAP Rocky may have to spend yet another weekend in Swedish custody, as his trial for assault in Stockholm District Court is running behind schedule.

Crossexamination of the 19-year-old man, who claims he was assaulted by ASAP Rocky and his co-accused, is taking longer than expected and the judge has concluded that they will not be able to stick to Thursday's set schedule.

This means the trial may not be over by tomorrow, leaving the US rapper languishing in jail until Monday when it would then continue.

Embassy request for moving them to a hotel

Meanwhile the US Embassy in Stockholm has formally requested that ASAP Rocky and his two co-defendents should be moved from custody to a hotel. The embassy sent a letter to the Swedish Prosecutor's Office that rejected their request.

– We received a letter from the US Embassy expressing a strong desire for an alternative to custody for the three Americans, for moving them to a hotel, says Karin Rosander, director of communications at the Swedish Prosecutor's Office.

– We replied that it doesn't work that way in Sweden, she says.

The US Embassy in Stockholm declined to comment.

Hör rapparen om agerandet efter han kastade målsägande

Victim refuses to answer questions 

The 19-year-old has refused to answer several questions about his criminal past, which includes convictions for assault and posession of a Class A drug.

The defence was rebuked by the judge over their line of questioning about the 19-year-old's past, to which Mr Jovicic replied that the plaintiff cannot be treated like a ”protected species”.

Earlier today, the 19-year-old admitted that he is struggling to answer questions from ASAP Rocky and his co-accused's lawyers because he doesn'r fully remember what happened.

ASAP Rocky andra dagen i rätten - berättar om själva bråket

ASAP could get record payout from Sweden

ASAP Rocky claims the assault was self-defence, and should he be acquitted, the Swedish state will have a record lawsuit on their hands.

As damages are calculated based on loss of income, and ASAP Rocky has been forced to cancel his European tour, his legal team has already deemed his losses to be at least $1.65million.

ASAP's potential payout would become the highest ever in relation to time in Swedish criminal history.

If ASAP Rocky is convicted, he faces a shorter custodial sentence and a fine.

However, experts have deemed it likely that he will be able to leave Sweden and return to the US as soon as the trial finishes tomorrow, as it is thought he will either get a suspended sentence or a sentence short enough that his time already spent in custody will count as sentence served.

The teenage victim, an Afghan citizen who came to Sweden as an unaccompanied minor from Iran in 2015, has demanded 139 700 SEK – around $14 630 – in damages.

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