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ASAP Rocky held in custody for another week

The american hiphop-artist is being held for at least another week
Asap Rocky.Foto: Charles Sykes / TT / 2018 Invision

ASAP Rocky will remain in Swedish custody for at least one more week.

It should have been announced today whether the case was going to trial – or if the rapper was going to be released.

However, the prosecutor requested an extension as ”the investigation needs more time”.

The US rapper is charged with assault, and has been in custody since July 5.

ASAP Rocky had been due to find out whether he was going to trial for assault, or if he was going to be released from Swedish custody today.

However, he will now remain behind bars for yet another week following a ruling at Stockholm District Court today.

The rapper looked deflated and tired today as he was put in handcuffs after court proceedings.

ASAP Rockys lawyer described him as being ”utterly affected and broken down by being held in detention”.

Lawyer questioning reason for detention

Speaking at a press conference today, lawyer Slobodan Jovicic questioned the decision to keep ASAP Rocky detained.

The decision has been made on the basis that ASAP, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, may leave the country if released as he is a foreigner.

– Rakim Mayers is a world famous artist, and this has been a huge story in the media, and taking this into consideration it makes you wonder if it is reasonable that he was going to withdraw from assisting in this investigation.

Slobodan Jovicic today in court.Foto: FREDRIK PERSSON/TT / TT NYHETSBYRÅN

When asked if they plan on appealing the extended custody, Slobodan Jovicic says he is not sure that his client ”is able to go through this process again”.

– In his world, he came here to visit Sweden and to tour. From his perspective, he has been thrown into a situation where they were provoked and where his security guard was assaulted, and that this emanated from a selfdefence-situation which has resulted in him now being detained.

ASAP's two associates will also remain in custody until July 25.

ASAP Rocky remains in custody until July 25

The Swedish prosecutor requested to have custody extended until July 25, giving authorities one more week to decide whether or not to prosecute the US rapper for assault.

This is because, according to the district prosecutor, they have been unable to complete the preliminary investigation and need more time.

–  We have been working intensively with this investigation and now need until Thursday next week in order to finish the preliminary investigation, district prosecutor Daniel Suneson said in a statement.

The request to have custody extended also covers ASAP Rockys two associates, charged in connection with the incident in Stockholm on June 30.

White House involved in ASAP Rocky case

US Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs, Carl Risch, has today arrived in Stockholm to meet with Swedish government representatives about ASAP Rocky.

Mr Risch will be meeting with representatives from the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Justice to discuss the specific case and the Swedish justice system.

Mr Risch will also be visiting ASAP Rocky and his friends in Swedish custody.

Kim Kardashian has argued for ASAP Rocky's release and has managed to reach Donald Trump via Jared Kushner, according to reports.Foto: EVAN AGOSTINI / AP TT NYHETSBYRÅN

This comes after Sweden's ambassador to the US, Karin Olofsdotter, confirmed that the White House and the US State Department have both made enquiries in the ASAP Rocky case.

– My embassy has been in contact with both the State Department, with members of Congress as well as the White House, Karin Olofsdotter told TMZ.

The entertainment website had previously reported that Donald Trump had gotten involved in the case after none other than Kim Kardashian West managed to reach the president via his son-in-law Jared Kushner.

ASAP Rocky charged with assault

ASAP Rocky was charged with assault following an altercation between the rapper and his crew, and two young men, in Stockholm on June 30.

Both the events leading up to the altercation, and the altercation itself were captured on several mobile phones, and some of the footage was shared by the New York-rapper himself on his Instagram.

A poster by the Swedish festival Smash demanding that ASAP Rocky be freed from custody.Foto: STINA STJERNKVIST/TT / TT NYHETSBYRÅN

ASAP Rocky, the stage name for 30-year-old Rakim Mayers, was detained alongside three others.

One of the four men - ASAP Rocky's security guard - was released shortly afterwards.

The man ASAP Rocky and his associates are accused of attacking have since also come under investigation.

The man is suspected of molestation – a harrassment charge involving physically attacking or exposing  someone to disruptive contact – and assault.

As the punishment for these charges are less than one year in prison, the man – unlike ASAP Rocky – has not been detained and held in custody. 

How the Swedish process works and what happens now

Swedish police can detain a suspect for a maximum of 12 hours before they must be charged or released.

In ASAP Rockys case, he was detained and charged at the same time, at 1am on Wednesday July 10.

When a suspect has been formally charged, a Swedish prosecutor has three days to request whether or not they should remain in custody during the investigation.

Prosecutor Fredrik Karlsson made the request within the timeframe, and this request was granted.

It was approved on the basis that there would be a potential risk of flight and that – should they be released – there would be a potential risk of damage to the investigation.

The prosecutor had until today to decide whether to prosecute ASAP Rocky and his associates or release them and clear them of all charges.

However a request for extended custody on the basis that the preliminary investigation needs more time to be completed, was today approved.

ASAP Rocky and his associates will now remain in custody until Thursday, July 25, at which point a decision on whether or not to prosecute will have to be made.

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