I’m with BRUCE!!

As you hopefully know, I have the amazing (and RARE) offer to give PT-session to you at a gym in Stockholm –rebirth Fitness (or outdoor sessions in Uppsala) without any membership at all!
This gives you the possibility to choose how you want to do with the training-sessions. 
You might want to train with me 1 time/week, 5 times/week or maybe just once every month?
With this offer you don’t need to feel stressed about an expensive membership at a gym that you are not really using.
You get quality training when you train with me, support and guidance to become a stronger, healthier and happier YOU. 
How good does it sound? 😏
It is getting EVEN better…
because I can finally give you the amazing news that: 
I’m with BRUCE!! 
Yes, I am now part of the BRUCE TEAM! 
So what does this mean? 
BRUCE – The only membership you need
BRUCE is a company that cooperate with different trainers and gyms all around Stockholm and Gothenburg. 
It is like a membership at a gym, but instead of only being able to go to ONE gym, you as a member get access to ALL the gyms and trainers who’s part of BRUCE.
So if you are a person who likes GROUP training, want to try different types of training, want more variation or just want to be able to train almost whenever and wherever, then BRUCE is for you!
AND now I am part of this. 
My HANDSTAND workshop in Stockholm the 21st of May will be the first BRUCE event I do, and then eventually I will have classes running at rebirth. 
What classes would you like me to have? 
 Pilates, Core, handstand technique, stretching classes, Functional movement, body-wheel….? 
I already have a plan, but I always like to hear what you guys want. 😄
Have an amazing day, cause you are worth it! 💕
 if you have any questions: 

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